Pedersoli derringer

Italian Firearms Pedersoli Howdah Alaska View Category. Trades: Yes - we accept most guns. Email the specs, history, photos help, phonebest times to call you. We will only ship this item to a FFL vendor.

We will except returns if the item is defective or not as listed. Read More. Davide Pedersoli Derringer Guardian 4.

Verified Seller. View Sellers Items. Description: This is a replica parlor pistol made by the Italian manufacturer David Pedersoli. It shoots a 4. It is approximately 5 in.

This is a great, fun little piece and since there are so few in the country the value can only go up with time. This comes with a full box of primers and tin of 4. Do not hesitate to email questions. I can take more photos if needed. We guarantee the item or items in our auctions to be as described and pictured or your money back. Unless otherwise stated only the items pictured are included in each auction.

Be sure to check out our website fairmountpawn. Looking something we don't have? Give us a call.Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Outside of the U. Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. Site by One Dog Media. Availability: In Stock. Log In for Wishlist. Description Reviews A reproduction of the extremely rare Remington Rider Single Shot Derringer of which only about were made between and Ignition is percussion 11 cap, single shot.

I finally wised up and emailed Davide Pedersoli. They immediately sent me a new receiver or bolt and the pistol now functions flawlessly. Works great from about 15 feet although indoor shooting will require some sort of bullet trap. A word to the wise - order the Pedersoli 4. I tried a 4. It did but with a lot more noise and flash than expected and some soot marks on my hand.

The pressure forced the hammer back far enough to lose the cap. My fault though. Can't wait until the Pedersoli balls come in! Got one of these for my birthday. On the down side the gun frequently will squash the cap nicely but not set it off. I did a little filing and it works more often now. Another down side is that it quickly fouls causing the BB to jam in the barrel.

pedersoli derringer

I found a piece of green pad shoved through the bore cleans it well. Regular caps didn't do squat. I had some CCI Mag caps and they did much better. On the positive side when performing correctly it has a bit more muzzle velocity and penetrating power than you'd expect. Other than that everyone in the house likes to take a crack at shooting it. Cute little mouse gun. Uses special sized lead BB's standard. No black powder is used so it makes a fun indoor plinking gun.One of the classics of firearms history, becoming a true icon for its small dimensions and for its self defense role.

When John Henry Derringer opened his firearms factory in in Philadelphia, PA, he could not imagine that one of his creation could have the success that inspired so many other guns producers until the 20th century. Derringer manufactured fifteen thousand units from and ending intwo years after his death. The browned barrel is equipped with a brass V aiming rear sight and blade front sight.

The pistol grip is made of walnut, lacquered, with crossed chequered features. The gun comes in a nicely shaped wooden box which also contains a small powder flask. We are currently working on solution which should be up in 2 weeks to once again accept order over the web. Feel free to call us at and we will be happy to take your order.

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Derringer Handguns for Sale

Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description One of the classics of firearms history, becoming a true icon for its small dimensions and for its self defense role.

We can not ship our reproduction Firearms outside of the United States. Before firing any of the listed firearms, we recommend a thorough cleaning of the rifle or revolver. We recommend that any live firing should be done with an experienced shooter present. Must be 18 years of age to purchase any firearms.

Additional information Weight 2 oz. Reviews There are no reviews yet.Lead balls and primers not included. Get the latest information about new products, special deals, news, top-rated items, promotions and more! Outside of the U. Product prices and availability subject to change without notice. Site by One Dog Media. Availability: Currently Unavailable. Log In for Wishlist. Description Reviews Use BA Made in Italy by Pedersoli.

Fun little gun. Had ammunition stuck in barrel twice due to fouling in primer chamber preventing gasses getting in to barrel.

I keep it much cleaner now. Very well made and I have yet to find ammo it doesn't like. I like a lot of the non-lead pellets out there. Make sure if it's steel that it has a good plastic skirt. I'd highly recommend this as a fun parlor gun. Awesome please don't listen to the idiots who rate this derringer low they are 2-digit IQ morons.

Since there is no powder a hard pack of the lead ball seals it well for a really hard shot that will easily kill someone shot in the face. Federal A primers seems to have the hardest punch. I dip the. There are also darts and high performance pellets that work well. I shot mine indoors but it is as loud as any other primer like an m firecracker. I purchased this pistol about three weeks ago and my great grandson and I fired it today.

Everything works very well. No issues placing the primer into the chamber or extracting them even though we did not use the tool provided. We fired at about fifteen feet and found it to be accurate although we only had the 4. A lot of fun to shoot even in your backyard I highly recommend it. We were watching the football game when around half-timewe turned down the volume on the TV because of allthe commercials.

My neighbor saw a Big rat run behind the curtains in the family room. We waited only 20 minutes before the rat reappeared next to the TV set. My neighbor said he had a special way of loading his pistol to give it more velocity. He finally took aim and fired. The 4. It went through the rat and into his TV. I laughed so hard that beer foam was comming out of my mouth. I'm Glad I was'nt around when his wife returned from work.

I'm buying One.

pedersoli derringer

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pedersoli derringer

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pedersoli derringer

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PH0920 Pedersoli Remington Rider Deringer

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Pedersoli Derringer Rider - Che TEENERA!!!

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