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The newly released Garmin Fenix 6 series consists of the 6 and 6 pro, 6s and 6s pro and 6x pro and 6x pro solar, these can be further divided into two, the Basic and Pro editions. The Pro editions come with onboard storage capacity, Wi-Fi and map which the Basic editions lack. In this comparison, we compare the Garmin Fenix 6 vs 6 Pro specs and features so you know the differences.

The Fenix 6 has same design as the 6 pro except that the 6 pro weighs a bit more than the 6. This makes the Fenix 6 pro a great choice for those who want to take their music with them which can serve as motivation. These two are no doubt some of the best GPS smartwatches on the market.

The Fenix 6 pro and 6 are well equipped to track your daily activities such as steps, calories, fitness age, distance, sleep monitoring, and all-day stress tracking.

Each of these three also features indoor gym activities such as indoor rowing, strength training, and cardio training, including in-depth training and planning analysis features that include training load, training effect and activity history on the watch.

These two also get running features such as running, treadmill running and trail running, plus heart rate sensor that tracks your heart rate variability and capable of showing your heart rate zones, max heart rate and recovery time to help you manage the intensity of your training so that you can achieve more fitness goals without breaking down.

Garmin Fenix 6 vs Ticwatch Pro (Budget vs Premium)

The Fenix 6 pro and 6 have outdoor recreational features that include hiking, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, stand up paddleboarding, rowing, and jumpmaster. And cycling features such as biking, indoor biking, mountain biking, triathlon, including in-depth golf and swimming features.

Also available is ClimbPro ascent planner with downloaded courses to help you see real-time information on your current and upcoming climbs, including gradient, distance and elevation gain. It sends your location to preset emergency contacts. Also added to these two is swimming wrist-based heart rate tracking. With the Fenix 6 pro and 6, you can track your heart rate while swimming which can help you get a better insight into your swimming activities.

This feature is new and exclusive to the Fenix 6 series for now. Pulse Ox sensor introduced on the Fenix 5x plus is also available on the Fenix 6 series. The pulse ox sensor serves two functions; A. The Pulse ox sensor achieves these functions by monitoring how well your body absorbs oxygen. Trendline popularity routing visibility pro available on the 6 pro adds more features to the TOPO map allowing for more visual and analytic features to help you find the best route.

Lacks Pacepro. Garmin added PacePro to the 6 Pro sets which includes the 6 pro. The PacePro feature enables grade-guidance that can improve your running experience. Lacks Ski resort maps. Skii resort maps is available on the 6 pro with over ski resorts worldwide to choose from. Garmin introduced new battery saver features that include the power modes which allow you create custom batter saver modes, as well as the expedition mode featured on the MARQ series — an ultralow powered GPS reference that will keep the Fenix 6 pro and 6 going for weeks, and the battery saver mode that will keep both the Fenix 6 pro and 6 going for weeks.

Although these two are great choices for comprehensive fitness tracking, and have very long battery life that will keep you going for days. However, the Fenix 6 pro with more features is clearly a better choice.

The Fenix 6 pro is a more comprehensive activity tracker with map functionality that the 6 lacks, it also has a higher storage capacity than the pro making it a more complete GPS smartwatch.

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Skip to content. Like this post?But the Fenix 6 is a niche watch that not everyone can afford nor need its advanced capabilities. The Ticwatch Pro is a much more mass-market watch that provides great value. Do you remember the bad old days of Windows 95 or 98? Those were the days when the Blue Screen of Death would appear and ruin everything.

Unfortunately, the Ticwatch Pro reminds me of that antiquated system. With a slow Snapdragon Wear a processorthe Ticwatch struggles severely.

The Fenix 6 is a much better performer. Whenever you initiate a command, the watch will get back to you almost instantaneously. Both watches will receive texts and email, but replying is where both watches differ. The Fenix 6 allows you to reply using a range of canned responses that you can customize, whereas the Ticwatch Pro offers greater flexibility. You can used a ready-made response or you can input text using the keyboard, by drawing letters or by using the speech-to-text system.

The Ticwatch Pro is definitely a better option here because you can rely less on your smartphone. The Ticwatch Pro has a microphone and a speaker, while the Garmin Fenix 6 has a buzzer. This makes a huge difference in the kind of information these two watches can receive and transmit.

You can call from your Ticwatch Pro and chat on the watch on an Android.

fenix 6 pro

The Fenix 6 can accept calls or decline them, but all conversations will have to be done on your smartphone. You can also download a suite of Google apps including Maps, Keep and Translate. The Fenix 6 has significantly fewer useful apps. The Fenix 6 Sapphire that I am reviewing has integrated maps, and they are great.

They do not require a data connection. I found it quite useful when I was biking and I needed to navigate to a new place using an unfamiliar route. The Ticwatch Pro has access to Google Maps and the functionality of Maps is fantastic, although it does require a data connection to download maps. When I tried using Maps on the Ticwatch Pro, it was a bit frustrating because the Ticwatch was so slow. I eventually gave up and relied on my smartphone. With the Google Assistant, you can ask it to do multiple tasks including find directions, add something to your calendar, make calculations or tell you the weather.

This is extremely annoying because instead of a convenience, using Google Assistant becomes a hassle. The Fenix 6 does not have a microphone, therefore it will never have a voice assistant.

The Garmin Fenix 6 just cannot be beaten as a sport smartwatch. Both watches have an integrated GPS for location data when tracking workouts, but only the Fenix 6 can be brought into water. The Ticwatch Pro does have a water resistance rating, but it does not guarantee that it will survive a swim. It can tell you about your fitness status and whether you are improving, detraining or overworking yourself.

It really is bloatware that needs to go. The Ticwatch Pro collects the typical data that you can expect from most smartwatches including steps taken, Move Minutes and Heart Points which rates the intensity of your exercise. Overall, Google Fit provides a good amount of coverage for most people. It will improve your lifestyle, health and training if you put your mind to it and use every last feature available on the Fenix 6. I really enjoy wearing it for exercise tracking.

That said, the Fenix 6 is very expensive and most people would be happier with a more general-purpose smartwatch such as the Ticwatch Pro. The Ticwatch Pro is good for productivity such as messages and email.Okay, spoiler alert, the Fenix 6 is a great, if not the greatest, outdoors watch so far.

This watch is incredible! I had the Fenix 3HR which set the bar, then the Fenix 5X, which even after two years with the watch never leaving my arm, I was still excited to use it every single day. That is really saying a lot. The 6X Pro Solar has yet again set a new bar with incredibly useful features. If you find this guide helpfulyou can help support this site by buying the Fenix 6 with this link to REI.

It ends up being cheaper than buying from Amazonthere are benefits to buying from REIand you help support free hiking guides for everyone. I was not paid by Garmin to do this review. All reviews on this site and independent and unsponsored. July Update : Garmin introduced solar for some non-6x models as well. Again, if you are not doing extended backcountry trips, you can probably skip the solar functionality.

They also offer solar on the lower-priced cousin of the Fenix 6, the Garmin Instinct. Let me walk you through some of the notable features relevant to hiking and the outdoors. There are many other applications available on the Fenix 6 that might be useful to you.

fenix 6 pro

There are some 1-star reviews that look like they are before some important firmware updates. I find it helpful to look at the most recent reviews first. The Garmin Instinct is a great and affordable alternative. You can also track your pace and calories for the hike, runs, bike rides, workouts, and almost everything.

I could probably write a thousand words on each of these features, so I invite you to check out the manual link a the bottom if you want to dig deeper. I also dive deeper into navigation later so keep reading. When your activity is synced you can view it on the mobile app or dive deeper on the Garmin Connect website.

The battery and power management on the Fenix 6 is great and much better than older models. According to Garmin, you get about 21 days of watch mode and 60 hours of activity tracking without any solar or battery saving tweaks.

You can create custom power modes on the Fenix 6 that turn features on or off based on what you need. You can also select from standard Garmin modes of normal, max battery, and jacket mode no optical heart rate if you wear it outside clothing. It works similar to power modes; when you enter Battery Saver Mode you can turn features on and off.

You can also set a customizable low-battery alarm so that you can enter Battery Saver Mode when you get low. You can access it from the setting menu, or toggle it on and off by holding in the power button. I find the power profiles great.Check out our favorite Black Friday fitness deals.

The GPS watch is as rugged and full-featured as its bigger siblings. It has a pulse oximeter for measuring oxygen levels in your body, a useful new PacePro metric, streaming music support, and rock solid navigation. The new and improved default clock face neatly arranges all the significant metrics like temperature, barometer, altimeter, heart rate, and battery life right on the front screen.

I like the little tweak to the battery meter, too. It now displays the number of days left before you have to charge, which, to me, is significantly more useful than a percentage. The Fenix 6S Pro also has a new row-based widget interface, which is markedly different from the full-screen widgets in previous Fenix models. Instead of scrolling through several distinct screens, the widgets are arranged in rows that allow you to see the previous and next rows as you scroll.

Each row provides a summary of the data, and you can select the row to view additional details. You can change the metrics shown and their order as desired. The company stuck with its traditional 5-button design and rugged fiber-reinforced polymer casing, It looks and feels like a Garmin watch. To protect the display, Garmin did away with the chemically-strengthened glass material and replaced it with Gorilla Glass 3, but you now can choose between Gorilla Glass 3 or the more expensive sapphire crystal for their display lens material.

If you frequently scuff up your watches while outdoors, the sapphire model is worth shelling out for. It is slimmer and lighter than previous Fenix watches, but it is still a rugged watch. I wore it running, hiking and swimming and quickly adapted to the weight. Despite having smaller buttons, they are still easy to locate them without needing to look at the watch. Garmin not only added new fitness features, but it also migrated existing features, like body battery and training load focus, to the 6 series.

What you end up with is a well-rounded watch that does almost everything. New to the Fenix 6 Series is a feature called PacePro, which is a digital version of pace bands worn by marathoners and other long-distance runners.

Instead of manually calculating split times and target paces for each mile or lap in a course, the Garmin Connect app does it for you. Best of all, the app not only looks at the distance, but also takes into consideration elevation when determining your pace and split times. When you are ready to run, you can load this PacePro data and use it to monitor your pace in real-time. The display will show your target split pace, your current split pace, and how far off you are from your overall goal.

You also can see the distance remaining on the current split. PacePro was immensely useful during my runs, keeping me focused on a single lap at a time instead of the total length of my run. It also helped me slow down on steep mountain runs allowing me to conserve energy on the inclines and make up time on the downhills.

For mountain runners who want to take the guess work out of pacing, this feature is a godsend. The Fenix 6S performed flawlessly throughout my testing. I compared it to a Forerunner and the Coros Apex, and all the essential metrics — heart rate monitoring, GPS distance, and pace — were spot on across the board.

Like most Garmin watches, there is an abundance of data screens, and you can customize them to view the metrics you need the most.

I unfortunately learned the hard way that when your Garmin Fenix 6S Pro says you are off course, you better listen to it. During a test hike, my watch told me I was off course, but I ignored it and pressed on. Two miles later I came to a roadside instead of the summit sign.

I fired up the maps, found my location and used the navigation to find my way back to the trailhead. Garmin has more navigation features than most smartwatches and one feature that stands out is Climb Pro.

Climb Pro analyzes a preloaded course and uses elevation data to break down the hike into individual climbs. As you enter a section with a climb, Climb Pro displays valuable information about the ascent ahead of you. Knowing how far and how steep you have to push is critical, especially if you are reaching the limit of your endurance.

I try not to look at it unless I absolutely need to as as it a constant reminder of how much further you have to toil to reach the top.Overview Prices Specs. Comparison winner. Sapphire Edition. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro. Scroll down for more details. Which are the most popular comparisons? Design 1. Garmin Fenix 6X Pro. The device is dustproof and water-resistant. Water-resistant devices can resist the penetration of water, such as powerful water jets, but not being submerged into water.

Resistance to sweat makes it ideal for use while doing sports. Has a display. The device has an electronic display to present information to the user. Resolution is an essential indicator of a screen's image quality, representing the maximum amount of pixels that can be shown on the screen. The resolution is given as a compound value, comprised of horizontal and vertical pixels.

We consider a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to carry. A lower weight is also an advantage for home appliances, as it makes transportation easier, and for many other types of products.

Damage-resistant glass such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass is thin, lightweight, and can withstand high levels of force. Sensors 1. GPS enables global positioning, useful in map, geo-tagging or navigation apps. Has a heart rate monitor.The new Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar Edition is taking the gaming of smartwatches and fitness watches to another level.

It has the ability to track your fitness records and it also provides you with coaching for targets like marathons. It acts as a proper training tool and it also comes with a lot of navigation and entertainment requirements for its users. Thanks to the built-in solar panel, a watch that carries an expedition-length battery life. Of course, we are. The Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar improves on many of the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro apps, offering a straightforward but complex set of sensors and related algorithmic calculations on certain levels.

The 6X Pro solar turns off the 6 Pro steel case for titanium, a move that brushes a few grams and most clearly improve battery life with a solar array concealed inside the Garmin Power Panel. Furthermore, mass is where problems really get really complicated, because in principle the titanium Fenix 6x Pro Solar is perhaps the lightest option, but in fact, the wide range of variations that Garmin has rendered this a difficult business. So, for a Steel frame, a 42 mm 6S Pro with or without sapphire weighs in at 61 g, the 47mm 6 Pro clocks in at 83g Steel and 72g Titanium, and the 51mm 6X reaches a colossal 93g for Steel body.

Finally, the 51mm Pro Titanium solar weighs 82g-the second lightest in the hallmark range but with the widest 51mm case-offering a display size of 1. Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Vs. The only real loophole is perhaps the face of the Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar. Otherwise, the build quality is pretty amazing and it comes with titanium back and bezel-replete with torx screws to give it a craggy look.

This power glass makes you feel like its a gorilla glass when it is charged with sunlight. However, the Company claims that it is scratch-resistant, while it is very strong like the Sapphire glass. When we talk about battery life then the Garmin Fenix 6x Pro Solar is way ahead of any other contemporary device. All of this is possible because of Garmin Power Glass harvesting the sunlight.

The Company says that the indoor light will work fine but the real results are going to be produced by the effect of natural sunlight. It is also an achievement of Himalayan proportions to grasp the variety of sports, sensors and algorithmically generated data available on the 6x Pro Solar Garmin Fenix. Just naming them all is an incredible achievement, with preloaded road running, surfing, sailing, biking, climbing, rowing, skiing and golfing activity profiles only as a starting point.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Review

There are also ski resort maps and a backcountry ski-profile too to keep you occupied, as is a standard map with turn-by-turn navigation when you need it. You will also be able to use the golf courses as they have their own mapping settings.

All may seem a lot when you begin to list it, but the news is good. The results are pretty attractive, to say the least. After a good amount of running, the results we got were VO2 max, heart-rate zones, heart-rate averages and a recovery advisor as well. Simple details such as type of running and training and its effectiveness were also revealed.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community.

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. The rugged yet sophisticated design features an always-on 1. It includes a stainless steel or DLC coated bezel and is tested to U. A first-of-its-kind PacePro feature helps keep you on pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course.

fenix 6 pro

View advanced training metrics that include estimated running dynamics, heat- and altitude-adjusted VO2 max, recovery advisor and more. Use topographical maps to navigate your adventures and view run names and difficulty ratings for 2, worldwide ski resorts. Other highlights include enhanced wrist heart rate The data and information provided by these devices is intended to be a close estimation of your activity and metrics tracked, but may not be precisely accuratesmart notifications when paired with a compatible smartphonepulse ox this is not a medical device and is not intended for use in the diagnosis or monitoring of any medical condition sensing and Garmin Pay contact less payments not all countries and payment networks are eligible.

To maximize on-wrist use time, customizable power Manager modes let you see and control how various settings and sensors impact battery life. Sapphire editions add the quality and durability of a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and other premium materials.

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